Sen. Mitt Romney: ‘It’s Unfortunate that This Became a Political Issue — It’s Not Political, This Is Public Health’

‘Some states haven’t had mask mandates’


ROMNEY: “Well, this hasn’t been the focus of his rhetoric, apparently. And I think it’s a great human tragedy, without question. The extraordinary loss of life is heartbreaking. And in some respects, unnecessary. Not in all respects, but we’ve relaxed our standards as individuals. Some states haven’t had mask mandates, and from Washington we’ve not had a constant, consistent plan and plea for people to wear masks, to social distance, to take all the measures that would reduce the spread of this disease. It’s unfortunate that this became a political issue. It’s not political. This is public health. And, unfortunately, we have not made that message clear enough to the American people. And people are dying because of it.”

(Via the Hill)

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