Jesse Watters: ‘If This Was a Clean Election, Then Joe Biden Ran the Greatest Campaign in Presidential History’

‘They’re not even asking Joe a question at all they’re only asking Trump a question which is when are you going to go?’


WATTERS: “I don’t even need to talk more about the hundreds of sworn affidavits. I don’t need to talk about the suppression polls, I don’t even need to talk about it, but what I want to talk about is this. If this was a clean election, then Joe Biden ran the greatest campaign in presidential history because he shattered decades of records, over a century of records and trends in this election. In the media isn’t even curious about it. How do you have a down ballot wave on one hand and the opposite wave on the top of the ticket. That hasn’t happened for 120 years. You you are saying they guy they got more votes than any other person in U.S. History or Donald Trump the incumbent actually got more votes in his reelection race and ended up losing? That hasn’t happened in 150 years. That Joe Biden lost 17 of the 18 belt weathers, that he won less counties than Hillary, that Joe Biden lost, Florida, lost, Ohio, and still win the election, that hasn’t happened since 1960 when JFK and will cook it in he underperformed Hillary and every major metropolitan area. Or the fact that Donald Trump one more of a percentage of minority voters since 1960. 195 percent of Republican voters from the middle class, it still lost. I mean why isn’t the media saying Joe, what your secret? How did you do it? Why isn’t the media talking about this transformation of the Democratic Party? They’re not talking about Biden voters, they’re not talking about this. They’re not trotting as strategist like a rogue or an Axelrod. They’re not even asking Joe a question at all they’re only asking Trump a question which is when are you going to go? That’s because they’re not saying the Biden one, they’re saying Trump lost.”

(Via Mediaite)

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