The Daily Beast Reporter: Top Trump Pollster Called Michael Flynn ‘Our Nelson Mandela’

‘It’s not encouraging if you’re talking about any political pardons and clemency in the twilight of the Trump era’


SUEBSAENG: “Some of the people lining up at the White House figuratively, sometimes literally are focusing on extremely political and controversial once for people who are so to speak mobbed up within Trump world. Others are trying to focus attention on certain things he’s done a la Alice Johnson, criminal justice reform-related clemencies that have way more cross-partisan appeal. But for people trying to get his attention focused on that [indecipherable] has been Michael Flynn, Trump’s top pollster John McLaughlin for instance, recently called our Nelson Mandela, when it comes to the Republican Party and the MAGA movement. So it’s not exactly an encouraging sign if you’re talking about political pardons and clemency in the twilight of the Trump era.”

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