CNN Praises Biden Messages: Two Completely Different Messages from Two Different Men

‘Not only this week, but for the past several months where the president has not wanted to make any personal sacrifices’

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OLORUNNIPA: "Yeah, it's very different from the message we have been seeing from the president. Not only this week, but for the past several months where the president has not wanted to make any personal sacrifices. He’s held multiple superspreader events. He himself got infected with the virus after not following the public health guidelines and not wanting to make any sacrifices in his personal life. We’re seeing something different from Joe Biden and his family saying we’re going to make these sacrifices in his personal life. And we are seeing something very different from Joe Biden and his family, essentially saying we're going to make these sacrifices and leveling with the American people by saying it’s not easy, it’s not something that should be just sort of dismissed out of hand that everyone should stay away from their family members. He’s saying this is hard, but it’s something we have to do. We have to come together as Americans to take on this virus. At the same time, you have President Trump essentially giving up on the idea of crushing the virus or getting over the virus. He essentially said we’re rounding the turn and we’re going to be fine with or without a vaccine. And this comes as thousands of Americans are dying every day. And we’re seeing record levels of cases across the county. And hospitals are being overwhelmed. And it’s really stark that the president has given up and has not actually focused on this. He has not put out any words of empathy or encouragement or even guidance for the American people about what they should be doing at this moment. So it’s a very different message that we’re seeing from the incoming president, the president-elect and the outgoing president who is much more focused on his own election and the idea that maybe the election was rigged against him even though there’s no evidence to back that up. So, two completely different messages from two different men."

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