Joey Jones: There Is No Guarantee of Tomorrow, Virus or Not

‘We’re living in a time where we literally have to fight for our ability to be around our families today’


JONES: “I hope people are being cautious and taking the precautions they feel are necessary but also hope they are spending time with their family today because that time is invaluable. There is no guarantee of tomorrow, virus or not. And to try to sever freedom from responsibility like some of these politicians are trying to do to tell you are not responsible enough to have freedom, that’s not how you honor any kind of service or sacrifice. Otherwise, why else are we fighting? And so that’s kind of where I come from. I will spend some time with my family today. I will do it responsibly and I will do it because I understand that tomorrow is not guaranteed and today matters. And those people matter to me and I’m going to let them know I love them today.”

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