Clyburn on Biden’s Picks: ‘I Think That We Are a Big Tent’

‘There are a lot of young people out there, and some not-so-young people, like Bernie Sanders — I wish he would come into the administration’


CLYBURN: "Yes, as well as the Jaime Harrisons. I’m not going to let y’all forget about Jaime. The fact of the matter is he is co-chair of the DNC now, or associate counsel of the DNC. He ran for that office four years ago. He is a young man who should not be left on the battlefield. Stacey Abrams has done great work and she will continue to do good work. I think she’s going to be very successful, come January the 5th, with all the other people working around her. So, there are a lot of young people out there and some not-so-young people, like Bernie Sanders, I wish would come into the administration. Bernie has a way of getting people to understand certain things. So, I think that we are a big tent. We are a tent big enough to hold young people and some not-so-young people. That’s why I’m hanging in here."

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