Sen. Kelly Loeffler: ‘We Are Going to Stop Socialism’

‘David and I need your help’


LOEFFLER: “The American dream is on the ballot. Socialism on the other side of the ballot. OK? No, thanks. So what we're going to do is ask you a visit our web site, we have, or You can sign up, volunteer. Our campaigns are working together. We're bringing thousands of volunteers to knock on doors. We're making sure to get the vote out and we need you all to get the vote out. So you can do absentee ballot. You can do early voting, December 14th. But Let's have our voices be heard early, so that we know everyone's present and accounted for, and that we're going to hold the line. We're going to keep this state red. We are going to stop socialism. We're going to stand with America. We're going to fight the American dream.”

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