McConnell: It’s Unfortunate That Speaker Pelosi and the Dem Leader Would Do Nothing If They Don’t Get Their Ideological Wishlist

‘They don’t think Congress should do anything at all’


MCCONNELL: "There's no reason why doing right by struggling families should wait until we resolve every difference on every issue. But unfortunately, both Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader have been equally consistent, and they don't think Congress should do anything at all, anything, unless they get to cash out a far-left ideological wishlist, including things with zero relationship to the present crisis. They've continued to insist that congressmen pass their so-called HEROES Act, or do nothing at all. The problem is that their proposal is a multi-trillion dollar laughing stock that never had a chance of becoming law. Let's recall what Speaker Pelosi's own members said when she first released this proposal. 'I think the HEROES Act went too far. It got loaded up with a bunch of political wish list things.' 'This is Washington politics at its worst. A partisan wishlist.' 'It's a middle finger to the American people.' These are all reactions, Madam President, of House Democrats.” 

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