Cuomo Pushes Back on Trump Over Vaccine Politics: ‘He Doesn’t Like that I Criticize Him … He’s a Typical Bully’

‘He’s a typical bully, and it bothers him’

Mika Brzezinski interviewed Cuomo on Monday for Morning Joe, and when she asked him if he would have to take “legal action” to get the vaccine for New York, the governor shrugged off Trump’s digs at him.

“He doesn’t like that I criticize him, he doesn’t like that I stand up to him,” Cuomo said. “He’s a typical bully, and it bothers him.”

Cuomo continued by maintaining his argument that public mistrust is against Trump personally, not the FDA. He went on by saying the president has been embroiled in “malpractice” through his entire term, and that the vaccine distribution quandary will be an extension of Trump’s “operational disaster” in response to Covid.

(h/t Mediaite)


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