Tucker: What Matters Is that Ron Klain, Biden’s New Chief of Staff Is on the Right Side of Silicon Valley

‘This is a corporate takeover of the country’


CARLSON: “What matters is that Ron klain is on the right side of Silicon Valley. As we’ve told you before, if you want to understand what’s happening now, keep in mind this is not an incoming presidential in administration. No, this is a corporate takeover of the country. They paid for the campaign, they plan to assert full control. At this point, Joe Biden’s transition advisors, including executives from Huber, Visa, capital one, airbnb, Amazon, the Zuckerberg foundation and the foundation run by ex-google CEO are also on the list. According to an analysis by “The Wall Street Journal,” at least 40 members of the Biden transition team announced earlier this week were or are registered lobbyists.”

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