John Bolton: ‘I Don’t Think Trump Is a Republican’

‘I don’t think Trump is a conservative’


BOLTON: “I don’t think Trump is a Republican. I don’t think Trump is a conservative. And I think when he walks out the door of the Oval Office, his influence will diminish considerably. He’s just not going to be as interesting anymore. He may fight to remain a force within the party, but that’s what political leaders who oppose his approach and his lack of competence need to make clear to the party base and others we can attract back. You don’t have to take the state of play today as a given, as something that can never be changed. Quite the contrary. I think to get forward — to go forward from here and put Trump aside, it’s going to require people to explain what he did wrong. I think that helps us justify to the American people how to take control of the House and increase possibly in the Senate in 2022 and win the White House back for a Reaganite Republican in 2024."

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