Joe Scarborough: People Inside the White House Right Now Are Frozen and Can’t Look for Jobs

‘Everybody that’s working in the White House right now is frozen’


SCARBOROUGH: “Well, and you even look, that’s a great point, you even look on his side, people who have worked for him, people who have put up with a lot of abuse to be on team Trump that are sitting in the White House, who were told last week, 'If we catch you looking for another job, we’re going to fire you on the spot.' Everybody that’s working in the White House right now is frozen. And the way Washington works is when everybody figures out who the winners are and who the losers are — and they’ve already figured that out, every lobbying company in Washington, D.C. has figured that out. I talked about Lockheed and Boeing, the defense contractors have figured that out. Every other think tank in Washington have figured that out. And those people inside the White House right now are frozen and can’t look for jobs. They know they’ve lost their jobs. They know they’re going to have to find a new job come January the 20th. And as Jason said, he doesn’t care. Trump doesn’t care about other people."

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