Cotton: If Dems Take the Senate They Will Pack the Supreme Court, Eliminate the Electoral College, Take Your Guns

‘They will impose Nancy Pelosi’s voting law on this country’


COTTON: "That’s the election. Let’s vote. We don’t need to have any more debating or campaigning because those are the stakes of this election. If Jon Ossoff, a trust fund socialist, and a Rafael Warnock, Jeremiah Wright’s biggest supporter in Georgia, win on January 5th and Chuck Schumer will lead the Senate, and they will in fact try to change America. They will pack the Supreme Court. They will make Washington, D.C. a state. They will eliminate the Electoral College. They will give amnesty and voting rights to 15 million illegal immigrants. They will impose Nancy Pelosi’s voting law on this country. They will take your guns, they'll raise your taxes, they'll defund the police and got our military. That’s the stakes of this election. That’s why everyone all across America needs to support Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in this runoff election."

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