Limbaugh: CNN, MSNBC Are Waiting to Make the Call Because They Want Fox to Do It

‘They want Fox to do it’


LIMBAUGH: “The cable networks — MSNBC and CNN are waiting to make the call ’cause they want Fox to do it. They’re demanding that Fox proclaim -- you hate Fox now? Well, they want Fox to make the call. They could do it right now. If they wanted to project Biden, ’cause they’ve got Pennsylvania, and they’ve got Arizona. You know, CNN has not projected Arizona. Fox and AP are the only ones that have, but they could and they could put Biden over the top. They want Fox to do it. They are convinced that if they beg enough that Rupert Murdoch will do it. Fox had not proclaimed Biden the winner. They want him to project him the winner. Fox has him at 264 — they wanted to give him — whatever it takes. Nevada. You understand this, now? They want Fox News to do it because Fox News is supposedly Trump’s network. They want total repudiation.”

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