White House: SCOTUS Ruling on EPA Will Not Halt Our New Power Plant Rules

‘There is no reason that this court ruling should have any impact on the ability of this administration to develop and implement the Clean Power Plan’

EARNEST: “Well, Roberta, let me just say as a general matter that we're still reviewing the decision that was announced by the Supreme Court earlier today. Obviously, we are disappointed with the outcome. And for specific questions about how -- what impact the outcome of this decision will have on that rule making process, I’d refer you to the EPA. I will say, however, that based on what we have read so far, there is no reason that this court ruling should have any impact on the ability of the administration to develop and implement the Clean Power Plan. These are two separate rule making processes that we have pursued here and there’s nothing that's contained in this ruling that should anyway impact our ability to successfully complete the implementation of  the Clean Power Plan.”

NN FEMALE: “So, Leader McConnell said this morning, that the ruling should [indecipherable] for their own states to implement the Clean Power Plan. Is he wrong [indecipherable] ”

EARNEST: “Well, Leader McConnell has taken matters into his own hands as we’ve discussed here in a rather extraordinary display of his opposition to the administration's rule making efforts. Leader McConnell took it upon himself to send [indecipherable] to governors across the country warning them against cooperating with the administration on a policy that will clearly benefit the public health of the citizens of states all across the country. So, it’s not particularly surprising to me that this is Leader McConnell’s interpretation of the ruling, but it doesn’t make his interpretation either accurate or in the best interest of the American public. In both cases, he is wrong.”

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