Maddow on Kornacki Explaining a Possibility of Trump Winning Arizona: ‘Oh God’

‘I think, up front the possibility here that this third bucket of votes is a Trump favorable bucket of votes’

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MADDOW: “The first bucket was the early. Biden won it by ten. The second bucket was the same day. Trump won it by 26. The third bucket, you’re looking at the start of that. Now, this is not all of it. What we just got here, again, about 75,000 votes. Remember, they said there’s about 400,000 and change to come out of Maricopa County. So we got 75,000 of 400,000-plus out of maricopa county. This pace of 59% for Trump, it might change as more ballots are added into here. So let’s see. But this at least establishes, I think, up front the possibility here that this third bucket of votes is a Trump favorable bucket of votes. And you can see it’s already brought him to five points behind in maricopa county. It was ten after the first bucket was reported. It was about six after the same day was cast. And now the first installment of the final batch has made it five. And we can see what has this done to the statewide margin here in Arizona? Let’s scan out there. Now it’s down to 2.8%, and you see the statewide, that margin there, which was over 90,000, has fallen under 80,000. So there will be more to come here. This is 75,000 out of 400,000 and change. Let’s see if Trump continues to win them at that rate. We knew he has to be getting over 60, I think. It’s a little rough here, but I think he’s got to be over 60 with this final batch of votes when all is said and done if he’s going to overtake Biden. So to be continued. We do expect, by the way, tonight it may be in a couple hours, we’re being told, the indications are we do expect a second batch of what I just showed you.”

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