Cruz on Jeb Being Seen as the Frontrunner: ‘It’s the Press Speaking Through Their Vision’

‘They look at moderate establishment Republicans’

KURTZ: “[Another example why you did an interview with Bill Burns] and Mark Halperin, and he asked you your favorite Cuban food, your favorite Cuban music and he asked you to speak in Spanish. He later apologized. You said he didn't need to apologize, why?”

CRUZ: “Oh look, I like Mark. He came under a lot of criticism for that. I think he is one of the more fair minded journalists.”

KURTZ: “So there are fair minded journalists? You admit it.”

CRUZ: “I spoke relatively speaking. I said one of the more.”

KURTZ: “Press says Jeb Bush is the front runner. Do you buy that?”

CRUZ: “I think it is the press speaking through their vision. They look at moderate establishment Republicans and they say, gosh, they sound the most like me. They share the most values with me, a liberal reporter. So that seems very reasonable. You know what? People are fed up with Washington. We need leaders not who will simply manage the decline of this country and manage Washington and keep growing the leviathan, the beast that is Washington. We need leaders who will take on the Washington cartel, take on Democrats and Republicans and side with the people.”

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