George Floyd’s Brother: Voting ‘Peaceful Protest’

‘We are out here to encourage everybody for their voice to be heard and to get out and vote’


FLOYD: "Basically, we're all here to encourage everybody, for their voice to be heard and to get out and vote, make the change, be part of the change, and that's basically what we're doing. Exercising your rights, let your voice be heard. Well, when you look at past events that's been going on with the police brutality and everything in the world, this is why it's so important right now to vote because the things that's going on in this world, we complain and we want to say oh, this is not right, that's not right. Well, this is our peaceful protest, it's another part of peaceful protest. Voting, getting out to the polls and letting our be heard and casting those ballots, and making a change. And when the change comes, then we keep it going because we have to be the change, too."

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