Biden Spox: Hillary Won by 3 Million Votes, We Took the Lessons Learned from 2016

‘We are certainly confident, but we are not arrogant and we are not taking a single vote for granted’


BROWN: "Sure. Well, I think, you know, we're confident but we're not arrogant. You know, that was four years ago, Secretary Clinton poured her heart out into that race, and won by three million votes. And so, we took the lessons learned from that , from 2016 to create a stronger and expanded path, and we do have expanded map, we have multiple pathways to victory tonight and we're seeing that come to fruition. You know, in states like North Carolina, we've had over 20 percent, we saw 20 percent increase in youth turnout in early voting over this past weekend, and in places like Georgia we saw an increase, 67 percent increase from African Americans. And in terms of tonight, you know, we are certainly confident, but again we're arrogant. And we're not taking a single vote for granted."

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