CNN: Gov. Cuomo Officiates Same-sex Wedding in New York

‘By the power recently vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you married’

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NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “The right to marry is a fundamental right, and with those words from Justice Anthony Kennedy history was made. Same-sex marriage becoming legal in all 50 states. A monumental ruling inside the highest court in the nation coming just days before this. Pride parade New Yorkers taking to the streets every June since 1970. Before today this, now globally recognize vibrant explosion of color and sound had been about equality, but today became a celebration of it.”

NN MALE: “Working in a job where you don't have to worry about being fired. Stepping on a subway train and not having to worry about being bashed because of your identity.”

NN FEMALE: “What really touches me is to think of all who have worked for so many years and who were not here to see this moment – this day. But they are with us.”

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “In New York City, the roots of the gay rights movement run deep.”

CUOMO: “New York and I’m speaking now as a prideful New Yorker, but New York has had a special place in the history of this country. In many ways, you look at a lot of progressive movements and New York was at the forefront of it.”

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “The stone roll in, a building which was given landmark status still stands as a reminder of the hurdles of generations past and the struggles ahead.”

BRYANT: “… A lifestyle that is both perverse and dangerous…”

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “In 1969 a riot here would change the course of this country forever. Patrons, the Greenwich Village bar refusing to live in the shadow fought back and a new era of activism was born. Year of fighting for their right to no longer be treated as pariahs, institutionalized and studied. Finally paying off in 2003 when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage. In 2011, New York followed. A charge led by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

CUOMO: “It failed in the state before. And people forget this, but New York on the state side is Democrats and Republicans. This is not an entirely Democratic government. We had to work very hard to get it passed. New York was a laboratory and New York passed the law and nothing bad happened. The world didn't stop spinning. The sky didn't fall.”

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “That message one that took some other lawmaker more time to echo.”

NN FEMALE REPORTER: “What do you make of the shift we have seen among some politicians very quickly?”

MCKELLEN: “Politicians either lead or they follow. On this issue, I’m afraid they have been following. The country has changed, shifted and they have to catch up with public opinion. Isn’t it amazing? And now they are proud to be on the right side. Well, about time and wonderful.”

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “Like many politicians in this country, Cuomo wasn't always an advocate of same-sex marriage. In 2006, the year he was elected, New York’s attorney general he had a change of heart.”

NN FEMALE REPORTER: “For you personally, you are a religious man, as well. Very interested in your personal evolution when it happened for you that you made that change?”

CUOMO: “I happen to be a roman catholic. Catholics have their own rules on marriage. That’s not what this is about but I represent the people of the state of New York, I represent the laws of the state of New York. I am -- have taken an oath to equal treatment of all and in the eyes of the law –“

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “Today Governor Cuomo did something for the first time, he officiated a gay wedding.”

CUOMO: “By the power recently vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you married. Congratulations.” (Applause)

NN FEMALE REPORTER (voice-over): “One by one, same sex weddings, like this one, will be held in all 50 states, but the struggle for complete acceptance is still far from over.”

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