McEnany: ‘Today Is the Day the American People Speak and Endorse President Trump’

‘The Latino vote came to President Trump’


McENANY: “And I'm telling you now, the story of this election is this. The Latino vote came to President Trump. The black vote came to President Trump in numbers that we have not seen because he has been a president for the people fighting for the black community, the Latino community, every American, bringing us a historic economy while Joe Biden brought us the slowest economic recovery since World War II. Bringing down healthcare costs, getting rid of ObamaCare which raised premiums and drug costs. The story of this election is a president who fought for the people and the people who showed up to fight for this president on Election Day. I am already getting reports in Florida, in Hernando County, 200 people in line when they showed up. Our voters turn out on Election Day. Today is the day the American people speak and endorse President Trump."

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