Ted Cruz: Liberal Media Tries to ‘Trap’ GOP Candidates with ‘Sex’ Questions

‘He kept firing back and asking that question over and over and over again’

KURTZ: “During our interview, I also asked Ted Cruz about a controversy that erupted when he was questioned by Kevin Steele, an Anchor for Texas Station KBMT.”

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KURTZ: “Senator, you had an exchange with a reporter in Beaumont, Texas, who asked you flat out, if you had an animosity towards against gay Americans. You pushed back on that pretty hard.”

CRUZ: “Well sure, and then we were talking about bias in the media. It was a good example where this fellow who was a local network reporter. He asked me initially about gay marriage. I told him I don't support gay marriage under the constitution, marriage is a question for the states. He asked me the question again, and I gave the answer again. He kept asking the question over and over again, and then it became, do you have an animosity towards gay Americans? And he asked that question something like six or seven times. It was apparently the only issue this reporter wanted to talk about. I was happy to answer it, and happy to answer it again and again. But he kept on asking it. And finally at some point, I said what is it about the left? And then I include the mainstream media in this that you're obsessed with sex, that it's the only thing that matters to you. And he kept firing back asking that question over and over and over again. I was talking at the time as it moved on, I began talking about foreign policy, I began talking about the need to stand up and fight and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. And he comes back immediately with, do you have animosity against gay Americans? When this guy asked the question six or seven times, I ended up responding by asking do you have an animosity towards Christians? And you know Howard; you're someone who studies the media. There is a reason for answering as I did. Now some people say well, why didn't you just say no? The answer should be an obvious no. And the reason is and you know this well. There's a trap in politics that when someone denies something, when Nixon says I'm not a crook, everyone says he's a crook.”

KURTZ: “That's the headline. Politicians deny charge, whether the charge is valid or not kind of gets lost in the lead.”

CRUZ: “Exactly. So I wasn't going to give him that attack headline. That question was designed to get me to deny it, so then he could run as the headline. He denies this.”

KURTZ: “Senator Cruz thanks very much for joining us.”

CRUZ: “Thank you.”

[clip ends]

KURTZ: “That interview done before the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. And if you go to our new redesigned homepage, Foxnews.com/mediabuzz, we posting some other experts from our interview with Senator Ted Cruz.”

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