Thom Tillis: A Win in North Carolina Could ‘Save the Senate’ for Republicans

‘North Carolina has the firewall against chuck Schumer getting the gavel’

PIRRO: "And in the end, in North Carolina if you are able to keep that seat how does the Senate look for Republicans?"
TILLIS: "Well, North Carolina and the reason why our state is the most expensive state in history again is because North Carolina has the firewall against chuck Schumer getting the gavel. I believe if we went north Carolina and we will win north Carolina we will probably be able to say that we save the Senate. We have other races that we are watching but the North Carolina, the electoral map of the president and the map for us for Mitch McConnell with the majority leader and Republican of the Senate comes right to our state we are working hard and we’ve got a lot of volunteers out there getting votes in and I really feel confident that on Tuesday night we will win the day."

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