Trump: ‘I’m Not Just Running Against Sleepy Joe Biden, I’m Running Against the Left Wing Media’

‘You can see how crooked they are’


TRUMP: “And I’m not just running against sleepy Joe Biden. I’m running against the left-wing media, the Big Tech giants. You see how crooked they are. How crooked are they? 


They made a mistake. By not putting — here you have the biggest story there is. Corruption by Joe Biden. Forget about the son. By Joe Biden. But the son, the same thing. Look, even if Joe didn’t get the 10 percent or the 50 percent that he was promised, listen to this. The son walks in. He had nothing. He had no experience. He gets a job for $130,000 a month. Right? On Burisma. And he gets a $3 million — they say a $3 million upfront payment. That sounds reasonable. Would anybody else take that job?”

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