Juan Williams: The Media Focuses on What People Care About Not ‘Wild’ Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theories

‘That is why the media focuses on things people care about’


WILLIAMS: “I think that is a great show, great show, put that up there as an idea, I’m sure it would get prime time. For me issue the bottom line here is conspiracy theories are very entertaining, including possible impeachment hearing before the man is elected. But I would say, how credible is this guy? I just don’t know. What I do know, the Trump camp took him and all their documents to a house in Virginia and had a “Wall Street journal” reporter, somebody at a credible newspaper, our own parent company, that reporter not only listened to him, but went through the documents and came to conclusion that Joe Biden did nothing wrong, no money changed hands to the Bidens. I think, this is just isn’t credible, that is why the media focuses on things people care about like we can’t go inside restaurants even though it is getting cold, we can’t send our kids to school. That is what people care about, not wild conspiracy theories.”

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