Symone Sanders: ‘We Are Not Taking Anything for Granted ... We Have To Work for Every Single Vote’

‘Biden and our entire campaign have been to Florida a number of times’


SANDERS: “I think that we have been very clear about where our priorities are as a campaign. Now, we're also -- we've been very clear that we want as many paths to 270 as possible. But we have invested real resources in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan. Vice President Biden and our entire campaign have been to Florida a number of times. I do believe earlier this week, Vice President Biden was, in fact, in Chester, Pennsylvania. So we are not taking anything for granted. We don't believe we have anything in the bag. Nothing, quote/unquote, is safe. But what we do believe is that we have to work for every single vote in places all across this country. Today, Senator Harris will be in Arizona. Vice President Biden will be in Delaware, getting a briefing on COVID-19 and speaking to the American people. Just yesterday, Dr. Biden was in Maine with Sara Gideon, campaigning with her in Maine's congressional district. And so we are not taking everything for granted. We are all about ensuring that we are fighting for every single vote.”
BERMAN: “Will Joe Biden go back to Pennsylvania before November 3rd?”
SANDERS: “I think it is safe to say that we believe Pennsylvania is important. And they have seen a lot of our campaign and that won't stop before Election Day.”

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