Obama: Trump Emboldens Other People To Be ‘Mean and Cruel, Divisive and Racist’

‘This is the most powerful office on Earth’


OBAMA: “There are consequences to his actions. If he was just on Jerry Springer or something, you know, you would say, well. But -- but this is -- this is the most powerful office on Earth. And when people see the president doing things like that, it emboldens other people to be mean and cruel and divisive and racist. And it frays the fabric of our lives. It affects the way our children see things, when we tell our children to tell the truth, and then we have the person in the highest office in the land who doesn’t seem capable of doing so, that undermines our society. It affects the way our families get along. It affects the way the world looks at America. And it distracts from the truly destructive actions that his cronies are doing all across the government as we speak, actions that affect your lives.”

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