Harris: ‘Joe Was Clear, We Will Not Ban Fracking’ and We Will Not Raise Taxes on Anyone Making Less than $400K a Year

‘Joe and I are a team’


HARRIS: “First of all, without any ambiguity, Joe was clear we will not ban fracking and let’s clear up further things, and we will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year, period, full stop. Joe is also committed to understanding that we have to also acknowledge the science in a way that frankly the current president does not on the COVID issue and on climate, and so Joe says, hey, look. The climate — we are experiencing drastic changes. We have to deal with this, and let’s deal with it in a way that we invest in infrastructure which is also about an investment in job creation. Great jobs. We have the support of folks who are in the building trades who have some of the most incredible apprenticeship programs available anywhere, and it’s about electricians, pipe fitters, the folks who know that these skills are so important to investing in what we can do around renewable energy and saving our planet and -- and ensuring we can all have clean water and clean air, and that’s just the bottom line. And Joe and I are a team. We are aligned on this. We are aligned on these priorities."

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