Lou Dobbs Rages Against Lindsey Graham: He’s ‘Betrayed’ Trump, Why Would Anyone Vote for Him?!

‘This is the guy who keeps saying, stay tuned’

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DOBBS: “The Lou Dobbs quote of the day comes from South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, he has an explanation today for not subpoenaing the left wing heads of the censorship’s twitter and facebook until after the election. These are the remarks of south carolina courageous senator who is so concerned with our first amendment rights and americans right to know, he said this, I think we are close to getting a voluntary agreement for after the election, which I think would be a great time to do it, see how the election went and we are looking at November, just to be clear I don’t know why anyone in the great state of south carolina whatever vote for Lindsey Graham, it is just outrageous, this is a guy who says stay tuned, he said he would get to the bottom of obamagate with the judiciary committee which has been a year end a half, actually longer of absolute unearthed response to these pressing issues of our day, this is what, Donald Trump said of senator Lindsey Graham back in 2016 when he was campaigning for the presidency in South Carolina, I believe the president’s words about the senator then apply today.”

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