CNN: Hillary Clinton Gets No Love from Democrats in New Poll

Ball: ‘Their heart is with someone like Sanders’

KING: “What’s the question? It seems if you look at the Democrats, without a doubt, they like her. They think she is a substantial figure. They love her.”
BALL: “Yes. I mean, you just see in this poll, 75 percent still have I believe favorable feelings for Hillary Clinton, so it’s not the case that there’s this antagonism for Hillary that’s powering it. It’s just that — Democrats’ heads may be with Hillary, but their heart is with someone like Sanders who can really articulate the grievance and the other issue, the issue that he’s winning on, is takes it to corporations and the rich. And that is what we don’t see Hillary doing. Even though she is [sounding] some of these populist rhetorical notes, she is not going after corporations and the rich. There’s a feeling on behalf of the Democratic base that she’s a little bit too cozy with power.”
KING: “Little bit cozy with power. Good words to put on [indecipherable]”

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