Newt Gingrich: Was Joe Biden on Communist China’s Payroll Between Leaving Office and Running for President?

‘It is not about Hunter, it is about the family’


GINGRICH: “There is an amazing moment when you have three parallel scandals. You have the scandal of a remarkably corrupt Biden family. You have a scandal of how the Biden campaign and to the news media collaborate to hide the corruption. And you have the scandal of Facebook and Twitter behaving as though they are communist China. In the case of Facebook, we have learned that they have 12 Chinese communist specialists and censorship in an office in Seattle working on the algorithms to censor us. So these three scandals — I can’t frankly, tucker, if there’s anything comparable to this in terms of the penetration of our consistency, the numbers give you one fact that the people are being product here. The Chinese government give $70 million to the university of Pennsylvania. Joe Biden while he’s out of office, earned $911,000 from the institute toward the Chinese give the money. They will not reveal any details. You have to ask the question, does this mean the vice president was basically on the Chinese communist payroll between leaving office and running for president? All that data come up on the way, comes from his personal taxes and public documents. If none of that is made up, none of that is anyway questionable questionable. It’s just a fact. In fact I just did a podcast where we go through all of the elements of the Biden family corruption. It is not about hunter. It is about the family. The way in which Joe Biden will lend himself to make millions of dollars. At least two or $3 million are at stake in the scale of their personal corruption. It’s a remarkable moment.”

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