Glenn Greenwald: MSM Has Decided that Trump’s More Corrupt than Biden That’s Why They Protect Him

‘They see journalism, the function of it is to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden’


GREENWALD: “There are newsrooms all throughout New York and Washington, D.C., were top editors are explicitly saying they do not want this story investigated and they are being clear that the reason they don’t want to investigate it is because they think even if there is corruption that’s exposed here, in their view, Trump is worse and therefore it would be malfeasance on the part of the media to report corruption on the part of Biden when Trump is so much more corrupt. If what they are saying is, they see their role as journalists not as informing the public to let the public decide which candidate is better and which is worse, they see journalism, the function of it is to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden. So many faced questions that journalists should be demanding Joe Biden — are the emails authentic, do you claim any of them have been fraudulently altered or fabricated, did your son drop off that laptop and the Delaware repair store?”

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