RNC Chair on Trump Criticizing NBC’s Welker: The President Has a Point, Moderators Have Political Affiliations

‘Look at Savannah Guthrie town hall’


MCDANIEL: “Well I do think the president has a point, Harris as these moderators do have political affiliations. It's important for people to know. And hopefully they can shelve the bias. But we haven’t seen that yet. I mean, you look at Savannah Guthrie town hall. She was so combative, came in, it was supposed to be a town hall with audience members asking questions and she just decided to turn it into a grilling session, and then you compare that to George Stephanopoulos playing pattycake with Biden in his town hall. I mean, reporters were asking Biden do you drink milk shakes? What kind of milkshake do you like? And then the president gets attacked and moderators interrupting him and saying well, let me tell you the facts of this. I mean, it is totally stacked against the president when it comes to the media. And I think it is frustrating.”

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