President Trump Slams Presidential Debate Moderator Kristen Welker

‘I told you about Savannah Guthrie, and I was right’


TRUMP: “And by the way, the fact that Kristen Welker is, you know, a dyed-in-the-wool, radical left Democrat or whatever she is — okay, then ask — why are you defending her? Then ask her why did she delete her account? Would you please have her put her account back? And you know what, it's not going to affect — I know you want to stick up — it's not going to affect me, I'm going to be there. But you know, I told you about the last one and I was right, and I told you about Savannah Guthrie and I was right, and I'm telling you about Kristen Welker. Kristen Welker should put all of her statements back on. She deleted her entire account, she shouldn't do that."

(via Twitter)

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