Fox News: Biden Widens Lead in Michigan, Wisconsin, but Many Swing Voters Favor Trump

‘This election is going to be closer than a lot of the polls indicate’


VITTERT: "It's important to look at sort of where we were in 2016 at the same time versus where we are in 2020. And we have these poll numbers. Unquestionably, President Trump is up in the — pardon me, Vice President Biden is up in the average in Michigan right now, that's 48-40, latest New York Times poll. But now we're going to put up where they were at the same time 2016.  President Trump was down 7 points to Hillary Clinton, he's down about 8 points now. These are individual polls, we're not looking at the averages on the right side of your screen, but fair enough to say that he is tracking almost exactly the way he did last election. Do you feel as though there's a lot of Democrats right now who are a little overconfident?"

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