Tim Murtaugh: Is Joe Biden Compromised by Communist China?

‘We know most of the mainstream media is all in for Joe Biden’


MURTAUGH: "I think there is a blackout on bad stories about Joe Biden from most of the media. You know, Fox News — to Fox News’ credit, they actually took the information that the New York Post reported and then followed up on it, followed the trail, spoke to someone who was on the email, who said, yeah, we discussed this compensation package and the Big Guy mentioned is Joe Biden. So the question then is, is Joe Biden compromised by the communist Chinese? We know that Big Tech, Facebook, and Twitter, they're all in for Joe Biden. We know most of the mainstream media is all in for Joe Biden. Just look at the treatment. The reporter, a very brave reporter from CBS asked him last night about — we didn’t know about the Chinese part, again, last night, but asked him about the Ukrainian thing and Biden’s response was to attack the reporter."

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