Erin Perrine: Biden Is ‘a Weak Candidate with Weak Policies’ Propped Up by the Media

‘Joe Biden has a real issue with fidelity to the truth’


PERRINE: “Joe Biden has a real issue with fidelity to the truth here because he was actually honest with the American people, he would have to be asked to condemn anti-for himself or condemn his own staff for donating bail money to get violent writers and protesters out. President Trump has been unequivocally clear. He denounces all white supremacy, bigotry and hatred in all forms. He has done it for the 700 millionth time, roughly speaking, speaking again last night was Saran not Guthrie, who did a great job auditioning to become Joe Biden’s press secretary. Listen, the media, Joe Biden’s campaign commission are trying to prop up a weak candidate with weak policies because they know Joe Biden is held by the extreme radicals in the United States and he won’t condemn them.”

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