Rachel Vindman on Trump: ‘He Put Us in Danger’

‘He seemed to be a little bit obsessed with it’


VINDMAN: "He just continually put Alex’s name out there. He seemed to be a little bit obsessed with it. He would, you know, continually remark on Vindman. And I think by continually saying his name, by telegraphing it to his supporters, that he put — he continued to put us in danger by continuing to say our name. And I think he also, you know, ended Alex’s military career by, whether he directly asked that Alex not be promoted, that’s probably not the case, but his enablers and the people around him knew that he would never find it acceptable if Alex were permitted to be promoted and have a normal career. So with or without the President asking for it, they decided to deliver it to him, which is something exactly that happens in authoritarian governments."

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