VP Pence: Joe Biden Would Double Down on Policies that Are Leading to Violence in Cities

‘The president and I will always support the right of every American to peaceful protest’


PENCE: “You know, for months, all Joe Biden talked about was peaceful protesters. Remember, all summer long that's all we heard, as people around this country literally watched businesses like Flora's burn to the ground. The truth is, Joe Biden would double down on the very policies that are leading to violence in our major cities. I think you all know when — when you withdraw support for those who protect and serve, you only embolden those who would do harm to our families and our communities. Now, Joe Biden justifies all of it by saying that America is, in his words, systemically racist. And he says that police have a 'implicit bias' against minorities. When he was asked if he'd support cutting funding for law enforcement, Joe Biden said 'yes, absolutely.' Well, I'll make you a promise. Under President Donald Trump, we're going to back the blue. We're not going to defund the police, not now, not ever.” 

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