Sen. Claire McCaskill: Bernie Sanders Is ‘Too Liberal’ to Become President

‘Bernie Sanders has a message that’s touching peoples’ frustrations’

BRZEZINSKI: “Bernie Sanders is doing quite well in the polls. And I guess, we are wondering, we know you're ‘ready for Hillary’. Do you think there's any concern there?”

MCCASKILL: “No. I think the media is giving Bernie a pass right now. I very rarely read in any coverage of Bernie that he's a socialist. I think everybody wants a fight and I think they are not really giving the same scrutiny to Bernie Sanders that they're giving to certainly Hillary Clinton and the other candidates. So she's going to win this and as soon as I think they begin treating him like a serious candidate instead of ‘oh, my Gosh, it's so great, we've got a fight in the Democratic Party’, I think it will become very clear. Any other candidate that has the numbers that Hillary Clinton had right now would be, you know, talked about as absolutely untouchable and all of a sudden, ‘Oh, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.’”


MCCASKILL: “I think it’s – I think Bernie is too liberal to gather enough votes in this country to become president, and I think Hillary Clinton is going to be a fantastic president.”

BRZEZINSKI: “So essentially I agree with you, just sort of analyzing from afar. But what do you make of these massive crowds he's getting and the impact that could have on Hillary’s message? And they do account for something, don't they?”

MCCASKILL: “Well, you know, Rand Paul’s father got massive crowds, Ron Paul. He got the same size crowds. Pat Buchanan got massive crowds. It’s not unusual for someone who has an extreme message to have a following, and massive is relative. I think Hillary had a massive crowd at her announcement. Certainly as large as any crowd that Bernie Sanders has had.”

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