Trump: Joe Biden Wants to Raise Taxes on Middle-Class Americans

‘Number one, Biden wants to increase your taxes’


TRUMP: "OK. Well, number one, Biden wants to increase your taxes, including the middle class, and he wants to get rid of the tax cuts that we’ve given to the middle class, and already you’re talking about at minimum $2,000 and that doesn’t include the thousand dollar child tax credit. And it doesn’t include energy which is 3 or 4,000-dollars a family. Because if you play the energy game like they want to do, you're not going to have it, you're going to have brownouts like they have in California all over the country. You won’t have gasoline for your car. You know they've got this thing, they'd like to go one car per family and make it all electric. The whole thing is crazy, the whole thing is out of control.” 

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