CNN’s Sara Murray: ‘Hard to Call Jeb Bush Anything But a Frontrunner at This Point’

‘Jeb Bush has a lot more credible rivals going up against him than Hillary Clinton does’

MURRAY: “Well, I think that she clearly has been able to gain a lot of ground. She also had her sort of re-launch, re-announcement, whatever you want to call it. And I think that was a very good moment for her. The optics of that were great. People tended to like her speech. She said a lot of things on Democrats minds. So, I think if you had sort of second thoughts about her, maybe she won you over during that speech. But I do think when you look at both Jeb Bush and both Hillary Clinton in this poll, it's pretty clear that the panic surrounding them, at least for the moment, may have been overblown. Now, that said, it is still early. We are seeing Bernie Sanders drawing big crowds in some of these early states. And for Jeb Bush, he has a lot more credible rivals against him than Hillary Clinton does. So, I would just caution, we are still a long way out. This still could change. For right now, it does look like Hillary Clinton is solidly in the lead. It's hard to call Jeb Bush anything but a front- runner at this point.” 

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