Rep. Garamendi: Inclusion of Non-Citizens with Free Health Care Will Ensure That They Won’t Be Spreaders of Covid

‘This is not a health insurance program, this is a public health program’


GARAMENDI: “Well, the tack issue is one that the — the tax issue is one that the Republicans slipped in in 2017. It’s a very serious problem for the big states that have big expences. With regard to — expenses. With regard to free health care, we have to take care of people where are they’re coming from that arrive in the clinics and emergency rooms. That’s what that’s all about. You don’t want people dying in the streets, you don’t want infected people running around our communities. You want to be able to take care of them. This is not a health insurance program, this is a public health program in which people that are out there that do get sick whether they are visitors with a Visa or whether they are here legally or illegally, when they get sick, we don’t want them infecting our communities. The money that’s being talked about here is specifically for that purpose, keep those health care facilities open, taking care of people that are sick. Otherwise — Bret: Emergency rooms don’t turn them away now.”

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