NBC’s Collins: White Supremacist Group Proud Boys Are Domestic Terrorists, Not Antifa

‘Yes, Antifa is a violent ideology that pushes back on what they deem to be fascism’

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COLLINS: “If you looked last year, for example, all those masked shootings, that we saw the manifestos were posted on these extremist forums those were from white nationalists, that’s what what’s happening there. This is not to discount the idea that violence is an explicitly partisan idea, but right now the organized violence is coming from white supremacist groups. They are gathering together. They used to gather together on places like Facebook but now they have to go to deeper, darker corners of the web. They make events and they tell people we’re going to go, you know, beat up the left here. The initiation process for the Proud Boys, the very last step is to commit violence on behalf of the Proud Boys. That’s what this is about. So yes, you know, Antifa is a violent ideology that, you know, pushes back against what they deem to be fascism. But the organized groups that are committing domestic terror in the United States according to Donald Trump’s own intelligence agencies, that’s white supremacy. That’s the problem right now that we — not just extremism researchers, but the actual officials, you know, trying to tamp down this stuff. That’s the problem.”

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