CNN Attacks Gov. DeSantis for Saying We Shouldn’t Wait for Covid Vaccine to Re-Open, ‘Goes Against the American Character’

‘It is such a false choice’


HOTEZ: “People want to hear that their leaders are worried, they're concerned, they're looking after their safety and in this kind of ideological or political defiance around masks and opening and statements around -- false statements around herd immunity and tying it to political allegiance, we've never done that before in the United States. We're a science-driven country. We're a nation built on great universities. And so when we hear things like that, it goes against the American character, actually. So I hope we can fix this and get ready for the fall. I'm extremely concerned. Right now, in the middle part of the country, we're seeing it. I'm worried about New York, and I'm worried about the greater severity of illness. And this is something I'm following very closely.”

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