Trayvon Martin’s Mother: AG Cameron Does Not Speak on Behalf of People of Color

‘He’s talking to a specific group, people who are privileged’


FULTON: "I want to say, first of all, Daniel Cameron does not speak to Black Lives Matter, he does not speak on behalf of African American people or people of color. He's talking to a specific group, people who are privileged and who have no concern about sleeping in their bed and have no concern about being safe in their own home. He's not talking about that group of people. He's not talking to that group of people. You don't have to live in Kentucky to know that we have a right as human beings not to be shot and killed by the police and nobody is held accountable. You don't have to live in Kentucky. Can somebody please tell him that? It's about human life, it is about civil rights, it's just about being a human being. Is he not a human being and does he not understand that you should feel safe in your own home?” 

(via Twitter)

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