Scarborough Claims ‘3 Million Americans Will Die’ Before We Achieve Herd Immunity

‘Multiply that out and see where it goes’


SCARBOROUGH: “That’s only 10% of the population — according to Donald Trump’s CDC director, only 10% of Americans have been infected with the Coronavirus and we have 200,000 deaths. Multiply that out six or seven or eight times and you see where this continues to go if we listen to people like Donald Trump and Rand Paul. Over a million people will die if we continue to listen to people like Rand Paul, who’s talking about herd immunity? Donald Trump who's talking about herd mentality? That leads to the death of millions of Americans. It’s in the numbers. It’s in the math. I’m not good at math, okay? I’m not good at math. But even I can look at the numbers, listen to the experts, Willie. And if we follow Rand Paul’s path, if we follow Donald Trump’s path, over 2 or 3 million people will die in America.”

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