Tucker: Joe Biden’s Biggest Donors Are Millionaires Not People from Scranton, PA

‘These people are funding the Democratic Party so they are immune from all of that’


CARLSON: “I don’t do call time with millionaires and billionaires. You do. In fact, that’s the entire millionaires and billionaires by the dozen people who gave the legal maximum to the Joe Biden victory fund, $620,000 check required, half of them came from Silicon Valley and you’ll recognize many of their names Steve Jobs widow, what’s interesting is that all these people are and we’ve checked clearly highly privileged and yet here’s the funny thing, somehow there aren’t blm protests outside of their homes accusing them of white privilege. By is that? Unlike blue-collar police officers or third graders sitting through another lecture on white supremacy and privilege, these people are funding the Democratic Party so they are immune from all of that. See how that works? Your son can’t get a job because he’s the wrong color the billionaires get a total pass. In fact, they are heroes, not privileged. While streak is the same deal. So overwhelmingly that his handlers demanded a minimum of $1 million before even showing up for a virtual event. But wait a minute, haven’t Democrats promised to police Wall Street? How can they police Wall Street? Pay no attention to the details says Joe Biden. He’s on your side.”

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