Erin Perrine: ‘Joe Biden Needs To Answer Questions He Is Not Getting Asked on the Trail’

‘We do expect Joe Biden to show up and try to spar against President Trump’


PERRINE: “So we do expect Joe Biden to show up and try and spar against President Trump. Obviously, we know President Trump will show up in grand fashion as well, having four years of experience as President of the United States under his belt, an incredible record of accomplishment to talk about. And listen, Joe Biden needs to answer questions he is not getting asked on the trail. He needs to answer why he would raise taxes over $4 trillion, why he would get rid of the Trump tax cuts and Opportunity Zones that have put dollars into economically disparaged communities in the United States. He needs to talk about what he means when he says well, we'll keep fracking around to get rid of it. Joe Biden has been flip-flopping and talking about disastrous policies for the American people. He needs to talk about those directly to the American people against President Trump."

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