Trump Says Another Impeachment Would Help Him in an Election: We Win All Elections If They Do That

‘My numbers went way up last time they did it’

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DOOCY: “And again, they’ve been making the same threats about doing that for the last year.”

TRUMP: “So, number one, was Joe Biden, was he reading that over, off a Teleprompter as usual?”

DOOCY: “Yeah, I think he was.” [crosstalk]

TRUMP: “He’s even done news conferences, and they give him the questions. I’ve never seen this. Nobody’s ever given me the questions. They give him the questions. And it looked like he was reading it off a Teleprompter. Everything’s off a Teleprompter. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s sort of crazy. No, they’re being very threatening, and you know, they even said that if I do it, they’re going to impeach me. They impeached me for a perfect phone call to say congratulations to the president of Ukraine, and then they said the call was different than that. They made up — Shifty Schiff made up a call and he made horrible things, and everybody thought I made that call but that wasn’t it. Thank goodness it was transcribed perfectly, you know? I guess we won with the Republican party 197-0 in the House. And they did that. So I heard yesterday if I do it, if I do it, they’re going to um peach me. So they’re impeaching me for doing what constitutionally I have to do. Here’s the thing, we have — and I think then we win the election, then we win all elections if they do that.”

DOOCY: “So it sounds like —“

TRUMP: “My numbers went way up last time they did it.”

DOOCY: “Are you encouraging her to impeach you?”
TRUMP: “No, if they do, I think my numbers will go up. I think we’ll win the entire election. I think we’ll win back the house. I think we’re going to win the house. I really do, I think we’re going to one the house anyway. I think that would help those senators. I think that, you know, you mentioned the senators, I think Susan Collins is very badly hurt by her statement yesterday, and I think murkowski is very badly hurt, and she doesn’t run for two years. But with I think this will follow her into the beautiful, and it is a beautiful state of Alaska. A beauty. I think — nobody’s done what I’ve done for Alaska, I can tell you, with an war and with a certain — anwr. I always say nobody’s ever done so much for so little with Murkowski. Nobody’s ever done so much more so little. I think she’ll be really hurt badly in two years. And I think that Susan Collins is going to be hurt before badly. — Very badly. Her people are not going to take this. So that’s it. I mean, if they want to go again, but don’t forget, we were put in this position by voters, and we have a lot of time. It’s not like we have two days, we have a lot of time as this goes. Whether it’s before or after, we have a lot of time before, I think it should go before. But whether it’s before or after, I mean, after we have a lot of time. But I think we should do it before. But, you know, there is zero chance that they wouldn’t do it, just so you understand.”

KILMEADE: “So you —“

EARHARDT: “So if the shoe were on the other foot, if there was a democratic president and Senate, you think they would definitely fill the seat before?”

TRUMP: “Oh, zero chance that they wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t even talk about it. They’d say you’re crazy, what, are you crazy? And Biden made that statement before, if you go back, I’m sure he doesn’t remember it, but with he made that statement before. So if the shoe were on the other foot, as they say, there would be no chance that they wouldn’t be doing it. They’d be doing it, and they’d be doing it probably a hot faster than we’ll do it.”

KILMEADE: “Mr. President, people are saying, wait a second, President Obama had Merrick Garland nominated nine months before his last day in office, and the Republicans said it’s too close to an election. And now they’re saying Republicans are hypocrites saying we’re going to push this through, you included. Is this a difference in your mind? Do you understand where they’re coming from?”

TRUMP: “So I think Merrick Garland is an outstanding judge. I think he’s outstanding, and I think he’s an outstanding intellect. He is liberal. That’s okay. But the only problem was, and this is up to the Senate, the only problem was President Obama did not have the Senate. I mean, I could go a step further. President Obama didn’t get a lot of judges, and I just told you 142 judges. He didn’t get a lot of judges because, you know why? He didn’t have the Senate. So that’s an election of a different kind. We had the Senate. And the Senate didn’t want to do that. And Mitch didn’t want to do that. So there’s a difference. When you have the Senate, when you have the votes, you can do what you want as long as you have it. Is so now we have the presidency and we have the Senate, and we have every right to do it, and we have plenty of time. Now, this took place one day, with we had one day or five days or ten days, I don’t know, maybe you could do it then, but that would start to look a little bit bad, but we have a tremendous amount of time. Far more than other justices, if you look back, you know, than it took for other justices. We have a lot of time, tremendous amount of time. I think it should be voted on and done before the election. I think that would be good for the Republican Party, and I think it would be good for everybody to get it over with because it’s always controversial. And no matter who I puck, no matter how great the intellect, how brilliant the people, and they’re all brilliant, no matter how incredible the education, they all have incredible education, no matter how good, the Democrats will say this is terrible, this is terrible, no matter what.”


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